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You’ve seen the photos in the mags and you’ve seen the videos – people deep in tropical barrels, flying along a lagoon under kite or sail, or waste-deep in powder – and now it’s time for you to hit those locations and find out for yourself whether those dreams really do come true.

We specialise in holidays for … surfers, windsurfers, kite-surfers, skiers, snowboarders … and customise package holidays to suit individuals, groups, families and couples. We can send you anywhere on the globe!

Island Holidays has been operating for over 18 years and we are extremely knowledgeable about our destinations, having visited most of them. We’ll help take the stress and guesswork out your travel and use our first-hand experience to get you where you want to go.

We represent reputable, reliable operators globally and our personal attention to detail will make access to mountains, lagoons and surf breaks easy as!

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Meet our surf travel experts

Jeremy Shanahan

I originally founded  Island Holidays in 1990 from a passion for surfing and windsurfing and the realisation there was an opportunity to provide hassle free surf holidays.

Having been bought up in Fiji, I have always loved the warm water and ocean sports. I have been in travel for over 30 years having initially worked in the Pacific and the Caribbean. I have travelled and surfed in many countries including  Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Mexico, Hawaii, Maui,  West Timor,  Rote, Sumba, Lombok, Sumatra and Bali numerous times. Also I have over the years I have travelled extensively in Europe , the USA , Asia,  India and Africa.

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I bring to Island Holidays years of selling holidays experience, first- hand experience of many resorts, escorting groups and my own family travels – I love it. Island Holidays has been about finding  really good resorts and ground operators to work with and provide our customers with the maximum time in water at the right time of the year for ideal conditions. Also, importantly to experience these unique destinations with family, old and new friends.

Pete Head

Pete has extensive experience in the surf travel business, having managed Salani Resort in Samoa back in 2000 for 3 years. He has since travelled the globe: throughout the Pacific Islands, the Indonesian archipelago, South Africa, Central America and Europe.

Pete has priceless knowledge and is in the front line: he will guide you to the best waves and people on the planet with personal attention to detail.

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“Too many stories and memories to write – but highlights are surfing deserted 4ft point breaks in Mexico with only one other surfer (Tom Curren), boat charters in the Southern Maldivian Atolls, sharing empty Indonesian line-ups with Manta Rays and Tiger sharks and being barrelled 4 times on one wave at 6ft Supertubes / J-Bay. Meeting locals, experiencing different cultures and foods and the countless barrels have made me feel that what I do isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. I love what I do and arrange travels as if I was the person travelling.”

Charlotte Smith

I have been with Island Holidays since July 2016. I love to travel, experiencing different cultures and the opportunities it opens to meet people from different walks of life is amazing. Being English, I’ve had Europe right on my doorstep my whole life. I have travelled to many countries within Europe and now want to expand my knowledge on the other side of the world. Since moving to New Zealand in May 2014 I have explored Fiji, Bali,  Samoa and parts of Australia.

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My favourite hobby and travel passion is skiing. I have been skiing in the South of France every year since I was 8 and the magic of this never wears off.

One of my favourite experiences whilst travelling was exploring Florence, Italy, on a vintage Vespa and taking in all the culture. Every day is a new learning experience in the travel industry and I can’t wait to expand my knowledge further.

A few good reasons why to travel with us

It’s a popular misconception that you’ll get a cheaper deal by going direct. In fact, the opposite often applies particularly when you are looking at a foreign third world destinationa and website quoted in a foreign currency etc. Island Holidays are a wholesaler which means we deal DIRECT with airlines having access to wholesale/cheaper fares, and direct with surf operators in which we earn a commission being their NZ agent. So the prices are EXACTLY the same as going direct- Take the secure and easy option of dealing with Island Holidays and let us take the risk and leg work our of your travel planning and give you re-assurance youre being totally looked after. We take pride in our travel arranging and strive to deliver top service

Island Holidays has been a trusted New Zealand Brand and a licensed Travel Agency since 1990. Our Consultants genuinely enjoy getting you stoked for your surf trip. The highlight of our day is reading happy customer surveys/testimonials.

We are the New Zealand exclusive booking agents for a number or resorts and charters we represent. We believe in quality over quantity and our product range is hand-picked. At Island Holidays, we only represent Surf Resorts or Surf Charters who have proven to be experts with vast experience and RELIABLE. Island Holidays staff regularly visit the destinations we offer in order to ensure our high standards are being met by tour operators, so you get the best trip possible for the best possible price. We stand by the products we represent and can make assurances that the surf trip you choose represents the best quality for your money

Arranging overseas travel, connecting flights, minimizing downtime, making departure connections, finding accommodation in out-of-way places and getting you & your boards to your dream destination can be a time consuming and complicated exercise. Theres thousands of destinations around our planet to choose from.. after a thorough consult with our travel professionals we can tailor the perfect surf holiday that ticks all your boxes!

Your monies are held in a TRUST ACCOUNT prior to travel. If you book a surf trip directly with an overseas operator and pay them directly, you are taking the risk that they will honour their surf trip claims & obligations. Why risk it?

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