Rarotonga Surf

Surfing in Rarotonga

Surfing in Raro is pretty underground at the moment, so crowds are scarce but waves are plenty!

As there are no specialized surf camps/resorts on the island, the best way to set your self up is with standard hotel accommodation and to hire a car to travel to the breaks.

There are a number of surf breaks around the island as Raro picks up both southern and northern swells. During November-April, variable north-west winds take over from the traditional south-east trade winds which prevail during April-November.

Nearly all of the breaks in Raro are over coral reef and are best surfed at mid to high tide with a few exceptions on the eastern coast.

There is a variety of accommodation options to choose from with most of the hotels being situated right on the beautiful beaches.

Cook Islands Surfing Tours

The Cooks Oasis Holiday Villas are located in Arorangi, Rarotonga in the beautiful Cook Islands . Take just 60 steps to the white sand beach and clear blue lagoon (and no road to cross!).