Samoa Surf Holiday

Surfing in Samoa

The Country

Samoa has also received quite a bit of exposure as a surf destination over the last couple of years. The jewel in the Polynesian islands crown! One of the most beautiful island nations with a rich warm culture, tall inland peaks, lush jungle, palm fringed golden beaches with crystal clear lagoons.

The Surf

Samoa receives South swell all year round. The winter season sees very consistent south swells with east trade winds, Summer still sees consistent south swells and north swells, and the trade winds switch to a very light northerly direction. These trades all year round generally come up mid/late morning and back off late afternoon.

These swells come from out of deep water and unload on Samoa’s coral reefs- often creating steep take-offs, fast waves and wide-open mind blowing tubes!

A number of breaks are available on North and South coasts of Upolu and Savaii. Most breaks in Samoa are well offshore, some plagued with strong currents and tides and are therefore difficult to access. Staying with a surf resort minimizes the time and hassle in surfing these waves whilst striving to provide safe, fast, guided access to the best waves.

Samoa Surfing Tours

Salani Surf Resort, located on Upolu's south coast, is for travellers looking to experience the best of Samoa's surf and culture. Salani is a dedicated surf camp with very high service and safety standards. They have trained boatmen for rescue and first aid, and have the highest standard of boats and equipment.


There is still a place where time forgot. Where the crowds haven’t yet reached, where the guidebooks haven’t ruined, where local children splash and play in a pristine lagoon lapping at golden sands just inside of an empty, funnelling A frame.


A resort in the true sense of the word, with fantastic facilities/amenities including a great Spa and massage complex to help you unwind or relax after a tough day by the pool, on the beach or in the water!